Clean Water

As the country's water clean? Today's most popular method of disinfecting water in our country is chlorination. How much has been said about his extraordinarily harmful properties, including a direct impact on the development of cancer, but the amount of chlorine in drinking water has not decreased. Experts with hands only bred: that there is no alternative, unless you use chlorine, it will be worse then drinking water will not have at all. It is better to render chlorine, than to drink unsafe water infection. For the record, 7 days to protect water so out of it completely evaporated chlorine. – The most offensive that much chlorine do not leave, it is still all harmful germs do not kill you, – says the specialist department of hygiene and occupational medicine with a course of medical ecology CSMU Naila Davletova. – But this element has on people strong toxicity, local irritation and allergic effects.

Ideally, water should be cleaned with natural and safe – with ozone. This gas, which has a sharp scent, like the smell of fresh air after a thunderstorm. Purification of tap water with ozone currently practiced in many civilized countries, including Germany, Italy, Canada and the USA. There has long been ozonising installation are part of the municipal water treatment systems, they are also used by companies producing bottled water. In Russia, however, prefer not to spend money on such an expensive water purification, sacrifice human health. It can also destroy bacteria living in water by ultraviolet irradiation.

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