ELENA May Go Down The Drain

The tax office Maria Ulrich informed the controversial ELENA procedures are available from the. The Federal Ministry of Economics and technology as well as labour and Social Affairs came to the 18.Juli 2011 to the Convention as soon as possible to set ELENA. The Munich tax office Maria Ulrich reports on the background of this momentous decision. The cause for the closure of ELENA procedure is public opinion of the participating federal ministries in his not warranted safety. For the safe conduct, an area covering availability of so-called qualified electronic signature is needed to expect that either currently or in the near future. The data collected in connection with the procedure should be deleted accordingly without delay and employers by law of electronic notification. The legislator had to German employers committed for the year 2010, pay data of their employees electronically to a centralized database of the German pension insurance submit. Read additional details here: Mikkel Svane.

This, they promised a considerable reduction in bureaucracy. Electronic payment proof was massively criticized by privacy advocates and legal experts from the outset. They saw a data-any problem of unprecedented scale in centralizing electronic data of 40 million workers. In addition this was exacerbated in her eyes more, that in addition to pure fee data also various kinds of sensitive data from the employment relationship, such as absenteeism or participation in strikes were raised, that had no relation to the official objective of the ELENA method. Good chances of success were given already initiated constitutional complaints, particularly after the Federal Constitutional Court turned over data retention. Finally, ELENA was suspended in the summer of 2010, after it emerged that 60 to 80 euros to use were instead of the previously estimated acquisition cost of 10 euro per economically active. The German Association of cities of the financially burdened by the control authorities represents, rose successfully against this complaint to the Federal Minister for Economics and technology. Observers and financial experts assume, that ELENA was actually discontinued due to this explosion of costs and less due to the well known for years and criticized security problems.

With terminating the proceeding arises for all employers who were forced because of ELENA, expensive data transmission software to acquire, the question of a compensation of their effort on the part of the German State. Currently, it is questionable whether and in what form it will be a reimbursement of expenses. While privacy advocates and legal experts welcomed the adjustment of ELENA, the future will show how employers actually have occasion to the relief or joy.

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