I Confess: I Was A Snorer, Sleep Apnea

On German roads on the way: Microsleep on the A1 between Munster and Lotte Osnabruck with my 30 ton the sleep apnea syndrome is a sleep-related breathing disorder. The affected exists during nightly sleep to a decrease in breathing and a decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the blood. As a result, the patients wake up several times at night. Now, researchers have found that a consistent treatment of sleep apnea may also have a positive affect on glucose metabolism. In the Congress of the satellite? “Diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea a dangerous combination” in September 2006 in Copenhagen Dr. Igor presented Harsch of the University Clinic Erlangen data, in favour of an early treatment of sleep apnea. Altavista may not feel the same.

With 14 years I started my bricklayer, to be completed and with 25 years to a forwarding company changed to ‘Lorry driver’, my dream job. For 34 years I’m driving routes from Hamburg to Munich and 10 years a 30 ton. I have family, wife 2 kids, a cottage in the countryside in a small village in Northern Germany and am actually getting from Friday evening until Sunday evening at home. Read additional details here: Energy Capital Partners London. 4 years ago I slept through the weekend, because I was always tired and broken however. Well I thought the age, but also during the day, on the freeway, much it me awake, very difficult to stay. Stop thinking, well you’re 50 years, power begins to stop.

At some point, I do not longer know where and when, was on a service station as a lecture about snoring, daytime sleepiness with the police and a self-help group, I was already impressed by the lectures, which did not recognize me, but as it is, you’ve got. Then, one day on the A1 between Munster and Lotte Osnabruck it happened. It was evening, at about 20:00, empty Highway and monotonous driving.

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