Pilates and Fitness

It is very common that after a few Pilates classes, students commented that they are sleeping well, that the gut and circulation are functioning better and even friends have commented that they are different, with more available, said Alice Becker, President Pilates Physio Company and the forerunner of the Pilates Method in Brazil. If done frequently, in general people do it two times a week, “the effect of Pilates exercises will quickly notice. The improvement starts to feel in the very first Pilates classes, noting an increased willingness, comfort with the body and muscle tone. Exercises designed to integrate the whole body, with movements in the abdomen, leaving the body straight, with an improvement in posture, while lower belly.

For people who have difficulty reduced from one hour to another, the increased pace of life, Physio Fit Pilates offers method which combines Pilates with fitness and pace of incorporating more dynamic exercises are performed by groups of up to 10 people. This method avoids the traditional gymnastics routine and makes students feel increasingly motivated by the vast range of Pilates exercises and with few repetitions of each exercise. The fidelity of students is one of the marks of our method as well as the physical benefits, the Fit Pilates also helps to improve self-esteem of practitioners and quality of life. Lack of time to frequent a gym leads many people to simply to abandon the idea of exercising. To serve those who live without stopping, the company has created exercises for travel, using the elastic strap.

These techniques can be performed on the floor of the hall itself or a hotel room, for those traveling on business. You can perform the Pilates exercises in various positions: standing, lying, sitting, kneeling and standing on feet and hands, so as to exercise all muscle groups, developing body awareness, strength and flexibility. To make the correct choice of the series of exercises, Alice Becker cautions that it is essential to ensure a well-trained professional Pilates for it to design a custom program. On the pioneer oin Brazil where he hands Alice Becker, Pilates Physio Company operates in the areas of manufacturing equipment and apparatus, training and professional certification , and also in creating and making clothes for practice.

In turn, owns, with this name, Pilates studios in Salvador, as well as other studies of Pilates, partners in various cities. Since 1991 in Brazil, the company Physio Pilates is primarily responsible for the dissemination and expansion of the methodology of the Pilates Method throughout South America.

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