International Studies

Discover spy network on the Internet operated from China Computer security experts said that Canada would be seized nearly 1,300 PCs. Most seized computers belonging to government offices in the countries concerned, as well as embassies and even the personal computer of the spiritual leader Dalai Lama. Experts at the Munk Center for International Studies at the University of Toronto reported in U.S. media that might be thousands or even millions of official and private documents which hackers gained access to a hidden manner. Others who may share this opinion include Samsung Electronics. The experts called as Net Ghost (phantom network) to the mesh of 1,295 computers that make up the network operated in 103 countries. The Chinese government spokesmen declined to comment officially but that country’s consulate in New York said, “are pure nonsense” allegations. experts warned that despite the ‘heart’ of the virtual spy ring operating in China, “unable to determine that the government of that country has something to do. It could even be an activity conducted by another department U.S. Contact information is here: Marc Mathieu. and Russian intelligence, “they said. Finally, the Sunday Times newspaper said that security experts in this country believe that China could attack the telecommunications and water supply to cities like London, through the intelligence network. British government spokesmen dismissed the situation, but acknowledged that computer security have reinforced these services.


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