Security Systems

New and used Volvo Truck, make sure on the way Volvo safety systems are useful and efficient more safety for new and used Volvo trucks and Volvo is safety for more than 80 years in the first place. Already since the early 1960s, the truck manufacturer with accident investigation and crash tests conducts systematic accident research. So, Volvo trucks developed the so-called collision test, which was later integrated into the NCAP test for passenger cars also. This knowledge gained over decades across brings a big advantage with them. So, for example the safety cab from Volvo trucks is unique. It ensures the survival space for the occupants like no other even in most severe collisions and provides in combination with many other innovative technologies of active and passive safety ensure that the vehicles from Volvo trucks today are among the world’s most secure truck. This distinction is made between active and passive safety systems.

Active safety systems help prevent accidents, keep passive safety systems the damage in case of a fall as low as possible. Following active safety systems there is Volvo Trucks: I-shift, Alcolock, rain sensor, optimum driveability, rain sensor, cornering lights, driver warning system, distance with collision detector, electronic stability program (ESP), lane change assistance and lane. I shift is the automated manual transmission of Volvo trucks, which automatically selects the right gear and adapts to driving conditions and areas of application. As a result, the driver can concentrate on the traffic. The security system Alcolock measures the content of alcohol in the breath. Only when the driver is sober, he can then start the engine. An optimum driveability ensures with powerful engines and perfectly matched drive trains, which in turn provide high performance reserves in difficult situations. The rain sensor adjusts the interval or the wiper speed of the wipers automatically according to the intensity of the rain, and so always provides the best view.

In turn, the cornering light illuminates the Danger area adjacent to the vehicle from. So the driver can perceive better other road users, pedestrians or obstacles. The driver warning system is there only at Volvo trucks, monitors deviations from the normal driving and thus detects fatigue even before the Microsleep. It then warns the driver in various stages. The distance takes control of the distance to the vehicle ahead with collision detector. This is done by adjusting the speed by automatically using engine and operating brake. The collision warning draws attention visually and acoustically on an impending rear-end collision, when the distance to the vehicle ahead is too low. The electronic stability program (ESP) provides a sensor-controlled electronic anti-skid protection. The EPS stabilizes the vehicle in the border region through targeted braking intervention and avoids upset, overturning, buckling or lateral parking of the vehicle. ESP not only for tractors, but also for articulated trains has offered as first manufacturer Volvo trucks. The area right and right behind the truck is controlled by the lane change assistance. Also this warn against vehicles in this area through a Visual and audible signals, thereby preventing accidents caused by vehicles in the blind spot in the lane change. The lane helps to avoid accidents, where the truck leaves the track or on the opposite lane. Here too, the driver is warned again with an acoustic signal if road markings are accidentally run over. Intentional crossing appears with the turn signal and activates an alarm.

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