Laboratory Equipment: Barcode Scanner For Use In The Laboratory

Fast and good reading properties make the bar code scanner XENON 1900-SR for the bar code identification of qualified laboratory samples reputation whether for the entry or in existing environments the XENON has 1900 SR in various laboratories proved. It is easy to use and fast. In particular it stands out, that he can read smallest 2D bar codes such as on EPIs or tube (nunc) still. Thanks to the integrated imaging technology of the bar code scanner, the scanner offers Xenon 1900 SR superior qualities of reading of 1 – and 2-dimensional bar codes and images. The bar code scanner is equipped with a revolutionary decoding architecture and combines a special sensor. This means that there are no wear, because there are no moving parts. It is also allows a much greater depth of field, a quicker read bar codes and a better scanning performance – even with low-contrast codes -. To read more click here: Ali Partovi. The bar code scanner is also small and handy and lies well in the hand, with very little weight.

The main components are on one internal Board together. A variety of different, internal connections is therefore eliminated. Thus, the user has a very reliable device in use that requires little maintenance even after many years of use. This bar code scanner was deliberately designed for durability and can withstand 50 falls from a height of 1.8 meters onto concrete. The capacity for protection class IP41 ensures additional safety. The scanner is designed for long-term, reliable operation. MACRO IDENT has matching barcode scanner for laboratories and healthcare as different desktop printers, label design software and a variety of laboratory labels.

Is the range of laboratory labels. The label materials are designed for marking in the laboratory in biology, pathology, agriculture etc. The labels must withstand temperatures of plus 120 C to minus 196 C (for storage in nitrogen) and own through their excellent adhesive properties to the long-term storage at freezing temperatures. The labels of macro identification requirements also the cleaner, ethanol, and resistance to chemicals, which must be given in the laboratory.

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