When this fact was not confirmed, the hypothesis of the ap is wrong. * With hypothesis Absolute space can be explained: the equality of gravitational and inertial mass, redshift and recession of galaxies, "paradox" of dark sky, the cmb, the result of the Michelson-Morley, also ap hypothesis allows us to calculate the values of the following constants: the acceleration of gravity, the radius of the visible Universe, the constant Habbla.Ravenstvo gravitational and inertial that gravitational and inertial mass (to scale) are equal up to 16-second mark. Kai-Fu Lee describes an additional similar source. This means that no experiments can not distinguish what uniform gravitational field of uniformly accelerated moving frame of reference. Ie observer in the lab is shut any experiments can not unambiguously determine: Is the force acting on mass gravitational or inertial. Using this fact, Einstein showed geometric nature of a homogeneous gravitational field. But for inhomogeneous, for example – a centrally symmetric gravitational field produced by mass, to construct an adequate system of reference to Einstein failed and had to design the curved space. ap confirms the hypothesis geometric nature of gravity, and claims the gravitational mass does not exist, there is only inertial mass. As a reference system used by the absolute space formed by the radial velocity vector field, as shown above. Velocity vector (flow expiration) of absolute space at any point ap is the vector sum of velocities of the ap from each mass in the universe. Thus, the equality of gravitational and inertial masses – is not equality, and identity: realistic, physically there is only inertial mass and gravitational – it's visible, "simulative" such as "caloric" and "phlogiston".

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