Russian Federation

Ph.D. dissertation – is a scientific qualifying work, where enclosed solution, which has great importance for the relevant field of expertise. By writing the master's work extends the list of clear requirements: work is a carefully prepared, written independently, the manuscript containing the innovative theses put forward by the author and available scientific evidence, as well as demonstrate the author's personal contribution to science. Author's assumptions need necessarily supported by scientific arguments and critically evaluate them to have dissertation scientific integrity. If we write a thesis, which is of practical importance, it should provide information about the applications of scientific conclusions reached.

In the preparation of the scientific work of a theoretical nature – the comments on the use of scientific results. Each thesis work, regardless of its nature, must be arranged a certain way and in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Results of the development of scientific work should be printed in at least one leading peer-reviewed journal or publication. To applicants not to waste time and effort, a special list of hac, which provides a list of journals where you can post the results of scientific work. Some universities may require not one but two or three vakovskie article.

Persons with higher education, candidates have passed the minimum, and perfectly defended his Ph.D. thesis, awarded PhD degree. Ph.D. dissertation can be written as well as a report, but only in case if the applicant, gathered to write a thesis, already has own, widely known in the art, publishing scientific papers. This report must be briefly outlined the results of the research. In addition to a scientific paper, another type of writing thesis may be a scientific monograph or written by the candidate and published a textbook with the relevant stamp. And now the fun part: going to see how many need to pay for writing thesis? Here you come to the aid world-wide network: the website of you'll see the most comprehensive information about writing a thesis under the order, including information on the cost of such services.

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