PPG Deltron

The peculiarity of modern technology to paint a car that they are universal for cars of different brands and manufacturers. Save time and money painting individual body parts provides installation Local infrared drying. Many people refer to as a machine of this faithful friend who never fails, and therefore doubly pleased when your favorite car looks good. The first step to beauty – painting cars, rather its main and most expensive part – the body. For more information see Peter Asaro . Since even the most representative unattractive car with scratches and small cracks on the surface. Ali Partovi pursues this goal as well. Highly qualified specialists of the center avtoestetiki Smart Fix perform professionally painting as soon as possible, because quality is an integral part of our service.

This is actually a very complex multistep process that adequately cope with can not every car shop. For painting we use only auto-date technologies and materials PPG Deltron, which guarantees excellent results. The number of regular customers is increasing day by day, because our services are the best value for money. The special approach to painting body We have been working with cars of any brand and sell a reasonable approach in communicating with the customer. In the presence of a minor Body defect customer is invited to make only local body repair and painting.

Thus, the treatment will undergo only surface damage, but no detail on the whole, that will definitely help to save monetary and time costs. Immediately the same paint, without the preliminary work is divided into the following stages: application of paint, drying paint, lacquer, paint drying and polishing the car. Paint car eliminates defects caused by due to an accident or other incident, a car and returns the original form. The result, however, is determined by the professionalism of the master, as well as those materials and technologies that he has their disposal. Company Smart Fix

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