Real Estate Agents

How many articles have been written about the crisis and falling real estate prices, but I was wondering how the crisis will affect the real estate agencies, will increase if the demand for private realtors. And anyway – what are the prospects development of real estate business. Just want to warn that the figures that will be mentioned here, are not supported by any research and this is only my personal feelings. So let's begin. What will happen to the agent after end of the financial crisis is not difficult to foresee: the number of agencies will be reduced, major real estate companies will gradually eat smaller ones, which in severe crisis conditions will survive all complicated.

There will also be widely spread sale of franchises, which are used medium-sized agencies will increase their presence in the market. If the fall of the situation with property prices are not stabilized, the percent of 25-30% of estate agents would break down and cease to exist. Part of the experienced realtors join the ranks of private brokers, while others will join the major agencies. Already we can see how very large real estate companies, such as "Miel" and "Best", reducing their offices, trying to reduce costs, to somehow keep their brands. The agency "Mian" in general goes to the regional market. Of the five largest real estate agencies in Moscow, the crisis will be able to survive, probably only a few, which include "MIC Property" and "Incom". The crisis will increase the number of private real estate, I think that the number of transactions, conducted by private realtors reach 25-30% of the total. But even among private realtors do not everyone will be able to pass the test of crisis.

Someone generally leaves the profession, someone will join the real estate agencies, but those who can withstand severe conditions of crisis, after it will just rest on our laurels, fighting from clients wanting to use their services. Summary. Over the next few months to reduce their activities a few large and many medium and small real estate agencies. Survive only those real estate agencies that have at their disposal all kinds of services: rent, suburban, commercial, overseas and residential property new buildings plus a professional, cohesive team, leadership and technology literate work in real estate.

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