Sale Services

+ Sale of tangible goods. Certainly the Internet can sell tangible goods, only it will require additional expenditures of time and money. You will have to take care of the availability of goods, warehousing, accounting, delivery. That is, this business is clearly outside the scope of earnings at home. If you have the desire and opportunity – go for it. What you need: All you need to complete an online store with descriptions and photos of products, adding to the basket and design of online ordering. Of course the site should be promoted, otherwise where will the buyers. How much can you earn: all will depend on the prices of your products and of course sales.

The main thing to calculate their costs for providing such a business, so it was a result of cost-effective. + Sale of their professional services. In this case, the site will be for you a means of attracting customers. Let's say you are giving legal advice – this is your main profession. Create your own website with a description of your services, prices for these services and contact data, and you will find satisfied customers. With the development of the Internet industry, more people want to save time in finding this information. True, this is true in most large cities. What you need: enough one-two-site, with good internal optimization to well respond to searchers.

How much can you earn: as much as you do for a delivery of their services in real life. If You can provide your services online – it will only widen your circle of customers. + Network marketing business building in this case, site or blog will work to create a personal brand, the search for relevant customers and training your partners. This whole article is devoted to the MLM – intersetevoy marketing. What you need: just one-two-site, or even a blog – he is the best way to cope with the tasks. Availability of mailing. How much can you earn: as much as the plan provides for voznagrzhdeny your networking company until the full financial independence! I do not pretend that this is a complete list, because that every day there are dozens of new features. These are the first ten ways that occurred to me, and I am confident more of them!

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