Solar Systems Pose Enormous Forces

Snow avalanches on solar systems are not harmless Bayern, December. Snow avalanches are a growing danger of solar module roofs. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mikkel Svane. Again property damage and personal injury caused by large snow boards by making snow avalanches. The insurance will be consulted when such incidents as a first point of contact, however, many insurers denied the claims on the grounds that a sufficient snow mesh could have prevented this. So many roofs are in the so-called gray area, especially since the snow are suitable only for small loads of snow and sliding loads over the snow mesh sweep away or severely bent. A remedy has created the company of Ikratos from Weissenohe, so-called snow brake on request are used here. The snow brake to prevent that heavy snow loads directly from the roof falling snowballed. The snow brakes are mounted between the modules and can be connected to the frame if necessary. Is due to the installation of this snow braking prevents the slip torque for snow boards is not too large. For more information see

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