But with increasing the scale of development of WiMAX and increases the number of netbooks that have already been introduced in the manufacturing stage module WiMAX. Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) UMPC – joint development of Microsoft, Intel and Samsung in 2006. UMPC, is a mini PC with touchscreen display from 4 to 8 inches. At the same time, most often, the display and keyboard are located in one plane. The cost of such devices is not more than $ 1000, but demand in the consumer market for such devices are relatively weak, although These devices are widely used in medical and hotel facilities. UMPC equipped with such basic communication modules, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO, WiMAX.

Mobile Internet Devices (MID) data on portable devices the size of a little more than a smartphone but smaller than a netbook, or UMPC. . The main purpose – Internet access and use of multimedia applications. MID is also equipped with all the necessary modules to the Internet, including Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Technical requirements for mobile WiMAX devices Since consumers want a wider range of possibilities for mobile devices, the process of production of mobile devices has become increasingly complex. Competitive devices must support a number of wireless protocols such as Bluetooth for communication between mobile phones, WiFi for connecting to a network at home or in hotspots, as well as broadband technologies such as 3G or WiMAX. At the same time, consumers require that the unit run longer without a recharge, but at the same weight and size of the device.

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