Federal university of the Recncavo of the Bahia Center of Agrarian, Ambient and Biological Sciences Course: Licenciatura in Biological Sciences Disciplines: Angiosperma morphology and Anatomy – CCAAB 312 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION Structures Secretoras Girlene Saints of Souza* Deyse Silveira ** *Docente of the course of Licenciatura in Biological Sciences of the UFRB. ** Learning of the course of Licenciatura in Biological Sciences of the UFRB Cross of Souls – BA October of 2010. Secretoras structures the secretion in vegetables is understood as the processes of formation and specific substance isolation that can be products of desassimilation metabolism as tanning barks, terpenos, resins and some crystals, or still can be substances that play a physiological function after being secretadas as enzymes and hormones. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. This isolation is made in compartments of protoplasto of the secretora cell and posterior release for the extracellular spaces in the interior of the agencies or for the surface external of the vegetable. In some bibliographies these structures are classified how much its internal localization in external secretoras structures that are tricomas and glands, Nectrios and Hidatdios, and secretoras structures having been these the secretoras cells, socket and canals secretores and laticfero (ESAU, 1981). Tembm meets these described structures of individualizada form, being they hidatdios, nectrios, hidropdios them, structures that secretam mucilagem or gum, structures that secretam phenolic composites, structures that secretam material lipoflico, digestive glands of salt, lacticferos, urticantes glands and tricomas.

(APEZZATO – OF – GLORY, 2006), which will be described to follow. Hidatdios: They are openings (generally estmatos that had lost the opening capacity and closing) found in the edges of the leves that secretam through which for an active process called gutao, a liquid of changeable composition that can even go since pure water diluted solutions of organic and inorgnicos solutos in the form of ons. The hidatdios are characterized by the presence of open beam case; exclusively xilemticos elements of conduction; epitema; similar water-bearing pores the estmatos modified with water-bearing chambers, for these pores that the exsudato is set free.

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