Abdellah dreams leave the hole where it is put, speaking with peers, everyone wants to escape from Morocco, cross the Strait and reach Spain. They spend four years in these circumstances, many went, and have not returned to know anything about them, the afraid, hear stories of those who go in patera and sea swallows them. Those who arrive and are admitted in the hope of returning them from new to the country. Dreams, hopes, broken, looks lost the shelter of a dark night, no words only quiet desires and a cold sea of silence. The guy from Tata still dreaming, but is faced with the stark reality of every day, decides to leave the job and go back to his small town, wants to talk with her parents, sharing their hopes, seek his help. In Tangier has known Hassan, a truck driver that has ten thousand euros change brings it to Spain, hidden in his truck, tells him that it is very easy, that he has done so many times, and has always gone well.

It is suspicious, but is stronger than his desire to fly, start a new life that the risk that this entails. Returns to Tata, and asks his parents to help him make the trip, her first reaction is to deter it, but does not yield, your only option is to sell what little they have, and what they do, once got the money, returns to Tangier. There he meets trucker and gives you half the money, when in Spain, his cousin will give you the rest. Begins his adventure. Still thinking about the effort that parents, the friends leave, have made the enthusiasm to start a new life. You want to work, return what you have given. They arrive at the border, the trucker wraps it in several blankets on the bed of the cab, passes unnoticed and you successfully pass without problems.

When the truck leaves the ferry in Algeciras, Abdellah feels free, but still has not finished its trip, continue up to a nearby city, there remains in a house waiting to travel to Madrid, where his cousin awaits him. The night of arrival the police come to the House, Hassan is an old acquaintance of the same, not only is engaged in trafficking in persons, are arrested, and transferred to prison. Adbdellah crying in the van that moved him to jail, remembers his parents, how much bitterness there is in his baby crying, that despair before his uncertain future. Comes the morning through the bars of the cell, the guy from Tata still dreaming.

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