The Ethical Code Of The Psychologist

Ethical code psychologist the ethical code of the psychologist is applied to all the psychologists who exert the profession of psychology in Mexico, are or nonmember of the Mexican Society of Psychology. Ethical norms that appear in the ethical code of the psychologist apply to psychologists men and women, to whom the psychologist will denominate itself to them in the future, and are not exhaustive, therefore the behaviors to which the present Ethical Code makes reference are framed under general principles governed by a fundamental rule: the psychologist assumes the responsibility to act, in the performance of its professional, academic and scientific activities, under a governing criterion that is at any moment to guarantee the well-being of all those individuals, groups or organizations that they require of its services, within the natural limits of the practice of Psychology. Pros Respect the rights and the dignity of the people, looking for not to denigrate them of no way, is committed with taking care of of way person in charge all activities and assumes a greater responsibility towards the society and the humanity. I consider that a very important advantage is the respect that must have the people, assumes a great responsibility with regard to the privacy of all the collected data of the subject and at the same time looks for personal freedom and justice for its patients, colleagues and the society generally. The psychologist not only must serve his to obtain a monetary aim, but he must show preoccupation by the well-being and avoid any damage to a person, family, group or community. Something that criterion is important, is that to all it realises them activities according to his capacities and it must show documents that make those knowledge valued, besides no way it must make false or fraudulent declarations that in determined case they could affect the patient.

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