Ancient Astronomy

We do not know and never probably will not know who first noticed the bright Venus, Jupiter and Mars red, who first noted the lead color of the planet Saturn. We do not know where and when I first realized that the planets are not standing still and moving against the background constellations of the zodiac, while describing the intricate loops. But nevertheless, we know that this "someone" there: it must also be a first Can be safely asserted that the discovery of planets was a great step largely predetermined the development of astronomy and, subsequently, the star of religions and astrology. In addition to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to planets also includes the Sun and the Moon: because they, too, wandering in the Zodiac. Moving them to the zodiac constellations because the plane of motion of the planets and the Moon only at small angles to the plane in which Earth orbits the Sun (the ecliptic). For even more details, read what Pete Cashmore says on the issue. The word planet in translation into Russian means "wandering", "wanderer". And this is largely due to their ancient symbols. Divine names of the planets we find in Hellenistic Egypt, as well as Syria, Asia Minor, Armenia, Babylonia, Persia and other countries.

These divine names are fairly old. The researchers are unanimous in saying that the custom of the world relate to the gods originated in Babylonia and was subsequently adopted by other nations. The planets were gods, namely, names of the gods vowed to give the most horrible and inviolable oath.

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