Artists Taught Computing

Five years ‘Kulturcoaching’: business ‘tutoring’ for 50 cultural venues have brilliant ideas, are imaginative, creative and full of ideas. But when it comes to nude figures, the marketing of own services and strategic planning, creative artists are often losing battle. In 2005 the RKW Hessen set out to change this situation. The Organization, customized advising small and medium-sized enterprises for decades in matters of operation management, realized the project of Kulturcoaching”and took to the painter, musician, sculptor, designer, actor, artist and writer. Kulturcoaching”offers companies and freelance of the culture economy tangible support in their business and marketing-relevant matters: it shows them on how they can organize their creative work economically. “We want to promote the culture of the project less as rather the artists”, explains Thomas Fabich, head of the RKW offices in Kassel, who is coordinating this project in Hesse, Germany. The Hessian Ministry of Economics and the European Fund for regional development support the Kulturcoaching”.

Five years later the Hessian rationalisation and innovation centre can lift the economy (RKW Hessen) a successful mid-term review: five project runs the consulting experts of the organisation as a whole helped 50 cultural enterprises in Hesse, to improve their performance. A culture factory, a gallery, a children’s Theatre, a school of fine arts, a self-employed graphic designer, a jewelry designer, two vaudeville artists have benefited from the RKW project and many others. Press contact: Edeltraud Kruse main view public employment agency phone 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 company contact: Thomas Fabich RKW Hessen GmbH of Dusseldorf str. 40 65760 Eschborn Tel.: 0561 / 930 99 92 consulting partner of SMEs the RKW Hessen is a Hessian institution that allows access to external know-how and subsidies of the country and the EU for consultations in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) since its inception. In doing so, the RKW Hessen does the work for you when applying for funding them and ensures the economic success of advising on more than 1,000 consulting projects in Hesse with its quality assurance.

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