Women Computer Dummies

Secondary analysis of a Eurostat study confirms low computer skills Montrouge in Paris German women, recent survey data from Eurostat suggests otherwise as BITKOM 26 September 2012 Ordissimo. Therefore, not the women, and their computer skills are the problem, but the computer. Ordissimo is the simple and safe computer system, coming from France to Germany. It is intended for beginners, but also for users who in addition to the professional use after a complete, quick seeking safe and unkaprizosen computers. The statistical agency of the European Commission Eurostat regularly collects the computer skills of the European population 1.

This involves skills to create how to move and copy, or connect as a printer files, but also a program. It is important to know that the survey again the self-assessment of the respondents. While the German women land after a secondary analysis of the Association BITKOM 2 on the rear ranks. About at the start of search queries or send an email with attachment to 35 percent of German women only have medium / good knowledge. When the leader of Iceland, they were, however, 72 percent. The regular survey of eSkills 3 aims above all at the State of IT education within the European Union and extends to the query of programming skills. As so often, unfortunately is reflected a deficit among women in terms of technical professions, explains Jose Martins, German spokesman for Ordissimo. But when it comes to the use of a computer, it’s still irrelevant.

Or education to compensate for what failed the industry at ease? Experiences with Ordissimo in France show that a computer system not only for beginners is interesting. French women like its simplicity at Ordissimo. Many users whether men or women are looking for a computer for home use, which holds one of the installation of device drivers, updates, and patches of the womb. It turns out that 92 per cent of Ordissimo customers again one Laptop by Ordissimo would buy.

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