Battery Power

In addition, many middle-class UPS is perceived as a strong decrease in the frequency of accidents and begin to consume battery power. The battery is discharged in a few minutes and all work is complete. Another distinctive feature of Ukraine is full of a power outage. Accidents and disasters that created the Whole power failure in developed countries, we happen about the same frequency as that there. But in Ukraine, these accidents are not the only causes of extinction voltage. We have, in many cases activated human factor. Particularly often such cases are spring and fall, when it ends or begins the heating season.

If the heating is switched off or not switched on, and suddenly turned cold, people will react standard: they include electric heaters. If the electrical network heavily loaded, the connection of additional (and powerful) of consumers could lead to tripping a circuit breaker. Such cycle on and off in some organizations may be repeated several times a day. We mention another kind of distortion power. We are talking about the distortion of the sine wave associated with the operation of computers and other nonlinear loads. When operating in pulsed power supplies highly congested network may have a sinusoidal voltage waveform distortion. This can be in cutting the top of the sinusoid and the appearance of harmonics – oscillations of multiple frequencies. These distortions may lead to malfunction of other sensitive equipment, such as measuring devices or video equipment. Distortion of the voltage curve compounded specific properties of the three-phase power network, originally designed to work only with sinusoidal voltages and currents.

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