I used to think with my students in classes of Introduction to Law on the important incidents that would have internet connectivity and especially in human society. We analyzed, for example, the creation of new social groups (not comparable to the notion of “social classes”, such as cyberpunk, goths, transsexuals, etc.) or digital integration of new and old religious sects or political and consequences of all these new realities in the development and the right. Recurrent theme of these talks was the crime on the network and what has been called cybercrime. But as time goes on I have been discovering that none of the imagined, even in the recent past, the ways, methods, modalities and impact of crime in cyberspace, even remotely comes close to the actual developments of this because never in the history of technological advances had created so many conditions to commit crimes. Indeed, the network of networks has been broth culture for crimes including drug trafficking, trafficking in women and children, money laundering, violation of copyright, fraud, theft, economic panic, libel and slander, rape-mail , falsehood, the year in another’s property, kidnapping, embezzlement, extortion, murder and terrorism. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. Only theft by hackers tracking procedure keys credit cards annually worth about $ 500 million.

The economic damage caused by computer professional actions have already reached 10,000 million dollars, not taken statistics on economic values of damages caused by crimes against public administration, public safety, public faith, individual freedom, sexual freedom and human dignity moral integrity, life and personal integrity. Meanwhile, we are crude in the attack. Human society seems to go at the speed of the locomotive in its fight against cybercrime, while the brains sophisticated digital crime will be the speed of light. The situation is quite critical. The world does not yet have effective mechanisms to combat cyber crime, although it has started to become aware of the urgent need for international cooperation, research and observation of the cyber anti-social behavior, the creation of Multi Courts, Trans or International, the unification of the professional laws and the creation of new technological and scientific evidence. Evidence of the beginning of awareness are the recent Congress on the Prevention of crime and treatment of criminals, held in Vienna last month, whose main concern was precisely the computer crime and the creation of important departments for research and prosecution of cybercrime, attached to the classical world agencies such as Interpol, the CIA or KGB.

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