Can I Earn A Lot Of Money On The Internet ???

My answer to that question has long reads: "Of course!". This is no myth, the Internet – a very real and tangible source of income. But unfortunately, most people think of the opportunity to earn a Internet is so abstract that, frankly, is sad … Why do people think that making money on the Web quickly and easily. Tell me please, but simply whether in real life to create from scratch your business control it and develop? And what company will do – is also a difficult question. After all the usual consumer niches are already filled, for example, small shops, stalls, stalls … balcony glazing, etc.

… garages and work with different machines … And now try to rent office – but for the first month you will fly into the chimney! Well, you can own an apartment as an office for the first time … and do something in it that? Mobile phones Trade? (They are now probably only in the bakeries do not sell!) Then you need to buy an apartment on the first floor and turn it into a salon-type connection. Do you know how much it costs at least a one-bedroom ground floor apartment in your city? Know very well – a few tens of thousands of dollars! But you have to take an accountant to pay … Do you know how much currently is an accountant? My answer is – from $ 1000 per month. Do you know how much it costs to advertise? It would be better you know never know …

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