Cash Management

PLAN Strategic Plan when we make a journey, and we have not planned it well, going for example with excess baggage that we have reduced the possibilities of space for other things, we have a higher cost of gasoline, perhaps more stress, possible greater fatigue and more importantly: does not enjoy the journey itself passing to the action manage the team’s ability to accept change eliminate the possible costs and the impossible!!! REDUCE costs and promote the quality = maybe good management of costs and not belittle the company. SOME concepts brutal of management of costs management delete ASVAS (activities without added value), e.g. Locate and photocopy documents, for example having to lift the telephone’s handset to take care of it, for example walk to the firm of to the receive side to indicate something we can do by computer, for example send regular mail rather than email, or what is worse, and having to open envelopes, manage documents and finally the hateful archive it, photocopying it. etc.etc. (A valuable related resource: Pete Cashmore). Papers zero (desirable, but cost more, when you verify and consume the cost of paper, toner, more movements of staff to printers, more chance of what is making do by doing this) document management delete FAX, email (forceful) negotiate using the crisis example: manage and negotiate the descent of our rentals, or the services of some of our supplies in generalgiven the existing crisis and already known to all budget base zero method of annual reconsideration of each and every one of the costs is eliminating costs that do not affect the main activity, or at least directly or important. Not attending the annual percentage variation, but rather the absolute euros that mean, and the necessary of their spending to achieve the volumes and profitability of business desired. Cash Management as would say the song All you need is Cash…(All you need is money), and within this streamlined management, allows to find out a world of cost savings. .

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