CEO Problem

At the beginning of my race, they said to me, " The majority of people has a plan of businesses, but the problem is that they do not work his plan." The same can be said of the resolutions of New Year. How many promises were made to itself and on how many of them will follow? An important problem is that sometimes too much many goals settle down. Another problem can be the unique goal is so dramatic, that all their time is consumed to obtain it. In fact, it can be so great, that she becomes overwhelming. In this stage, not only one does not work in this idea, but also that the oppression state prevents him to reach his simpler objectives. For example, if he wishes to occur to know in all the east country year, you would have to realise great advances of public relations to obtain this. topic. One would be to speak everywhere can, demonstrates his experience, contact with most of mass media as it is possible and the continuation to it of being seen and being heard in all the ways known by the humanity. At the same time, you still have all the other routes of its business to compete with the CEO of its own company.

How can be fought this dilemma? In my mind, compared to a great project of a year of duration with a vitamin to the day. My suggestion is the one to break the strategies of public relations in the double tasks. First of all, to realise a scheme with absolutely everything what can think about that will have to be judged and complete so that you feel 100% to achieve the success. Next, to give priority to the passages in the order than is going to take more time in completing itself. It begins with the first more difficult and slow tasks.

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