Always considering its age and watching them close by, there are many opportunities in which can learn lessons of the real life. He insists on the accounting Is important that his children they learn from the beginning that they must know what is the state of its accounts. They must know if they are winning or losing money with its business. For that it can teach basic slight knowledge to them of accounting. A simple column of income and debits is sufficient when they are small.

It remembers that you are creating habits, not yet looks for the perfection. Incentvelos to improve and to innovate in its business Once his son already has a business walking, aydele to increase. Pregntele how it could improve his business, of increasing the quality of his products, of increasing the variety of the products that is offering, to reach to more clients, etc. Although these terms lock up concepts that only seem to belong to the world of the adults, is very simple and easy to include/understand if we left of side the complexity that we adult them have conferred to them. To innovate simply means to prove new methods, like for example offering jams of different flavors. A better marketing simply means to ask to him the neighbor what type of cakes is their favorites. To improve the quality of the product simply means to add more or better ingredients, to improve the package or the envelope.

In short, they are basic concepts that any boy can understand. For example, our children began their hen house with commercial races of hen. Soon they discovered that there are Creole hens in Chile that put eggs blue of which it has verified itself scientifically that has a 30% less than cholesterol. Blue eggs were obtained they incubated, them and nowadays their clients make tail to be able to buy to them.

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