Management Information

Reaches: clear Vision of the clients, centralizing all the information exceeds they: his yield, its file of contacts, its purchases, their potential, Historial etc. of contacts with the clients, of all the communications that have been had with them: electronic mails, faxes, telephone calls, etc. Management of the agendas of the commercial ones, inserting other actions of automatic way based on the planning and pursuits clear Vision of the state of all the opportunities of business that is in the organization, knowing its probabilities success, approximated time of closing and matters. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dermot McCormack is the place to go. Effectiveness of the actions of marketing and its repercussion in the costs Integration of the orders and contacts through Web site to the system. Others who may share this opinion include Pete Cashmore. Advantages, Disadvantages and Repercussions. Advantages. the main advantage that brings the implementation of the Management of the Relations with the Clients in a company, is the increase of the information that this owns of its present and potential clients, which allows to direccionar the supply towards its desires and needs, increasing therefore the satisfaction degree and optimizing its service life. the increase of the sales and the reduction of the cycle of sale.

the micro and small companies have the advantage to have less clients and less personal what it facilitates the handling to him of the information and makes the appearance difficult of problems to share it. the fact to handle a low volume of information also reduces the costs since often it is not necessary to acquire a special software to do it but it is possible to be taken manually or in simple programs like the Access. Disadvantages and Repercussions. the disadvantages are related to the high costs that the application of CRM has, as much in terms of thus also human economic resources as, and to the difficulty that the handling of the given information has the reluctance of some sectors to share it and also to the risk of invading the privacy of the client and of exposing it to undesired situations. a problem that can be presented/displayed some times in the smaller companies is the lack of formalization of the procedures and the lack of interest of the employees to internalise itself in the importance who have these and the philosophy of work of the company. is required of a suitable technological platform for its implementation, which is not available in many companies. original Author and source of the article.

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