After to have for a long time worked in the financial sector and to pass leaves of life in search of a new work, I was invited to char it of opportunity of businesses. I saw the full hall excited and expectant people and thought " it must be good negocio" and it excites to me, of the rest I was surprised when seeing that more than half of the participants they had retired of the meeting and thought " it is business is not so bueno" and it worries to me, at the end of char we were it 35 people and I thought " this business is not bueno" and I left disappointed. During a time it participates in several char them of businesses and I saw the same, people retired before finishing the meeting. As psychologist I put myself as task to investigate and to analyze the bucket I lie of the people who attend these meetings. So empece to investigate speaking with professionals of success in Multinivel, enables to me it involves and me in a business that I arrive country for the first time. Today I want to do you participate in my reflections and experiences to them that have helped group and to many people who are looking for new opportunities of businesses and they look for my consultation.

No longer it surprises to see in the multilevel people to me who enter and soon after they go away. It is situation for to many describe it professionals like normal, for me the situation has two faces of the currency: Those that see the multilevel as a form to have fast money, without investing and delivering no attack and therefore thinks that the business is only constructed. To know more about this subject visit When it does not give them results conclude that the business does not work and end up leaving and speaking badly of him.

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