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You do not ignite a false fire in front of a true God. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue. Chinese proverb INTRODUCTION the companies cannot ignore what represents in the present the new tendencies of markets, to consider all those advances that the trade function it has generated product of the behavior of the economic, commercial scenes, where the globalisation has entailed to that new paradigms in the way of how conquering occur, remaining in the markets and to satisfy the needs with the consumers, knowledge to leave avante in the constant war markets that occur. To read more click here: Steven Johnson. CONSIDERATIONS, REACH, RELEVANCE What is understood by guerrilla marketing? That it includes? what is exactly the guerrilla marketing? , this marketing also known like radical marketing. idg.es, on the matter indicates to us, that it is a term coined by Houghton Mifflin in 1984, defining itself like the attainment of the raised objectives of marketing through little conventional methods. Investing more than money, energy, passion and creativity. In communication the objective has two differentiated slopes. Besides catching the attention of the consumer, one is to catch the attention of the opinion leaders and to manage that these write or generate parallel histories around the idea, to produce the greater possible impact.

The effectiveness of the guerrilla marketing is moderate by the constant and increasing growth of our sales, of the satisfaction of our base of clients, of our active participation in the market, and all this supported in services or products of quality. The pursuit of the undertaken actions is another fundamental task. Often we must measure the behavior of our fidelizados clients more, to maximize on the part of these, the preescripcin of new clients. This reality like the difference between the way is added, that a forced weapon of the guerrilla equipment of consists of having a clear drawing of the reality, understanding that you lead your business compared with the form in which it makes your competition. .

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