Cercas Protecting

These products function well with the mind of the people, normalmenteningum want to risk to touch in one surround electric, are a fear that already vemdo passed motivated by the form you surround as them functioned and pelosresultados that made in the people. The first ones you surround eltricasno counted on no technology so that its fosseadequado functioning to the people without being mortal, normally any shock in people costumava to have a very serious result, not being abnormal the person to be with serious damages in its physical condition, in the worse situation the death was the result of the contact. Essafoi the image that many people had kept on the equipment desegurana of them you surround electric and for many people this is still aimagem that keeps in the memory. But as we are in a demuita age technology, all dumb one, everything is changedded and you surround them eltricasno escape to this change, an evolution in its functioning of formaa to become this product in an equipment of protection without being mortal. You surround them electric that today you can buy to have to protect in its house is not equal surrounds to them electric that you would have chance to buy behind to some years. Estascercas current is the available result of the linking of this product to the vriosequipamentos and technologies in the market of much more safe electric form to become ascercas at the same time that the robbery attempts continue to all afazer the work of protection of the goods moving away. According to Steve Wozniak, who has experience with these questions. Umadas changes that we must designate in the way to answer to the contact nascercas electric is on in the form as the energy is sent, to paraperceber more good, in the past the electricity of the fence was on day enoite, this generated a problem that was the following one, when somebody tocavaa electricity that was circulating surrounds in them electric if this pessoano if obtained to move away from the fence, it would continue grudada until queisso made a serious problem very being able to finish with its death. You surround them electric are not more with on energy, them have a central office that it manages its functioning, when is activated the fence electric sends energy but of one form that the person allows if to escape and to protect its life. Issoacontece you surround because them electric current sends electricity in pulses, the person receives a small shock electric and has the possibility to defugir, if to try to touch in the other time you surround, them electric respondemenviando a new pulse but of this stronger time..

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