Kohler based his experiments about intelligence in chimpanzees, affirm that intelligence isn’t the last that characterizes the man, because it consists of the Faculty of apprehension of the pure essences. Young people if we continue our modern way. We find the so-called artificial intelligence. And this refers to machines developed by the technology, which is attributed to information technology instruments. Especially to computers and other instruments of calculation. Of today made our society revolves around the superiority of the artificial intelligence. Centuries later the unimaginable now. And so on.

If the matter is transformed, the thoughts of the man are not left to after. . We deal with regard to the mind, which like the previous concepts illustrated in circle is a very complex to define element. Of mind we mentioned that it is the capacity or power human intellectual. However in philosophy is not common use. And when does not have a precise meaning; the most usual is to identify with the intelligence, but also has been used to mean pisque and spirit. . 1) as we can see this last concept, encloses the intelligence and the spirit in his being, as categorical language contents.

Taking into account the background of our inquiry. We can conclude: I think 34 Anaxagoras does not forget the origins of the materialist philosophy, and deals with the complexity of the movement. And as we know everything moves, to a the same light. Which can go in a straight line. To any location on the Earth but because of gravity it declines, forming one of the species that encloses the phenomenon of the parable. We know more than the light than older ones. Because they knew not his speed. For a long time was believed that light was broadcast instantly from one point to another. But careful experiments conducted during the centuries XVIII and X I X came to prove that the speed of propagation of light is indeed very large. But not infinite. The value of the speed of light plays an important role in the development of physics. Based on current measurements, the value of the speed of light in vacuum is original author and source of the article.

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