When health at all levels there is a unique and effective way: to respect my need. Learn more about this here. How the Needs: The release of emotions and needs are our nature works as follows: We perceive the environment through our five senses at that moment the thought arises eg It’s hot, then comes the feeling, eg: I feel uncomfortable (a) and then comes the need for ex: I want to cool off. The awareness of the need to action it will take me for example: I get water, I open the window, I take my bag, etc. Yes I am keeping my need through the action then comes a feeling of positive energy that can be welfare, happiness, satisfaction, peace, etc.. or if he does also comes a feeling of negative energy will be such.: upset, anger, dissatisfaction, etc. There then feelings of nature or positive cathexis are what lead me to my growth, I drive and feelings of energy or are negative cathexis I did not take me to my growth but stagnant. Types of Needs: There are: * physiological or survival needs.

* Psychological needs (development and transcendence) and * Needs obsolete or introjected. Having all these needs tells us that we are alive, only that it must be alert our need is real or unreal organismic natural or unnatural, introjected. The royal natural and organismal are: Eat, drink, breathe, discard, shelter, sex, relaxation, affection. Psychological causes are: Development, significance, security, affection, belonging, freedom and communication. Outside these other real need is not unnatural, is internalized or learned and we carry constant dissatisfaction example. : Power, control, dependence, “be good”, “should I ……”, etc.

To differentiate needs of introjected organismal organismic not met is that when there is dissatisfaction, not having resources to meet them, are stiff and stems satisfactor “Roll” mental. As you can tell when we have all this awareness we can spend so much energy and time to meet needs that are not real, and that after much effort to get them going to leave us dissatisfied, frustrated and empty. Two major technologies for growing self-consciousness about our needs are the kundalini yoga and Gestalt psychotherapy.

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