Conflict Prepares Our Young People To Deal With Conflict

Henry F. Amiel: Do with ease what is difficult to others, here is the sign of the talent; doing what is impossible for talent, here is the sign of genius. The conflict is inherent to human beings and there will always be a good amount of them in proportion to the number of people who live or work together and perceptions that each of them has about life or his work in daily activities. The conflict itself is not negative. Otherwise, usually a good exhaust valve to ease tensions, to tackle the disparities of criterion and to mend fences. However, a poorly managed conflict can become complicated and become a serious problem.

And is what often happened: a conflict that could have been solved in time can be concluded at the termination of a marriage; in the breakdown of a society; at the end of a friendship; in the dismissal of one or more workers; in the confrontation of various forces, and even in wars terrible and endless as it has happened so many times in so many Nations. It is by What a good professional should have in their Toolbox the ability to face the normal conflicts of all ex officio. Resolve a conflict is to save one greater difficulty. It is judicious people resolve conflicts in a timely manner but it is wise to avoid them. However, while we live among humans will be present the risk of conflict.

The convivencia, coexistence, cohabitation opened the door for the friction and with these the disagreements and so on. It is suitable to be always prepared to enter into dialogue and, probably to negotiate. And when raised the possibility of negotiating must be prepared to cede at least in some aspects where possible without compromising ethical convictions and the tranquility of conscience. Anyone know to solve conflicts may also act as a mediator and this way will help other people to have an encounter with outcomes peaceful and friendly agreements as necessary in a very troubled world and where the differences are often cause clearences, and even dangerous confrontations with lamentable results in terms of material damage and, what is worse, loss of human lives. Solution to a conflict nothing better that be the reason. But the crisis arises precisely because everyone believes it. I have here the moment that is needed of someone with the capacity to mediate, rather than someone with overwhelming force. William Shakespeare said it: excellent thing to have the strength of a giant; but using it as a giant is itself a dwarf.

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