Contracting Parties

The combination of mobile contract and phone in the package as a new product German customers in the mobile sector contracted frequently in the acquisition of the new mobile with an operator or provider. Here, the minimum term of 24 months has established itself. Only after the minimum contract period, it is possible to terminate the contract to the customer. For the binding on the Contracting Parties, the customer receives a mobile at more favorable terms. Just high-quality and cost-intensive smartphones are affordable in this way. The reduced price is usually also a lure for new customers. In this way, a mobile with contract is purchased rather when both products are individually classic phones and cheaper models usually without one time price or for a euro to the mobile phone contract in the offer.

Depending on the device, some network operators bind to cover use in its own network and technically to the SIM card. This practice is used mainly in the prepaid field. Mobile phone contracts are not what in conjunction with discounted phones with a phenomenon in all Countries as widespread as in Germany. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. In other countries, prepaid offer are far more common. The subsidies are also not nearly as high as here also, depending on the country. The times are usually less and go in the direction of 12 months. The customers are active and buy the phone in free trade and the mobile phone contract by the way or the prepaid solution.

Here, they are flexible and can freely choose the mobile tariff without influence of tempting offers. The flexibility for cell phone contracts is becoming increasingly important in Germany. Customers looking for new sites to be able to switch quickly and easily. There are many new offerings of mobile tariffs due to the demand in several variants. A variant with 24-month contract and a variant with only one month contract term. Funding through a micro has won in recent years importance more and more credit by cell phones and other electronics products. Here a payment in instalments is agreed and the customer has not the entire financial burden at a time. Particularly in high-quality This variant is expensive cell phones in the coming. As a conclusion, a lot should be noted when purchasing mobile in Germany. The mobile tariff should be selected always depending on the personal phone behavior. Since the selection is large and confusing also a skilled person can be asked here safely. Mobile radio dealers who work with all network operators and providers and are therefore independent of network or provider are useful. To attractive offers care be taken, in any case since mostly high per-minute rates or other problems produce subsequently higher costs.

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