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The “AnyBook” memory is so great that it can completely reproduce the small library of a three-year child with 15 hours of recording capacity. The small sticker can by the way very easily again remove the pages, discuss new and stick in another book. Finally the book taste changes also the little in the course of time. “AnyBook” enables the permanent extension of the reading material and leads educational playful by the read to the read itself. Especially if MOM or dad just don’t have time. “AnyBook” is offered in two versions and included even a selection of different stickers with images stored in the device for many everyday noises such as fire engine or animal sounds as a little extra. The DRP-3000 d model aimed at children from the age of three and has about 15 hours of recording and playback capacity (EIA: 49.90 EUR). For children from five years the DRP 4000 with 60 model recommends Hours of recording and playback capacity (EIA: 69.90 euro).

Available in the book and computer trade or de photo and text material are available under in the field “Press Center” to download available. Company description of Franklin: Franklin Electronic Publishers, founded in 1981 in the United States and many European countries (e.g. Germany, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain) is a leading provider of learning computers and electronic reference works in handheld format Inc. with over 42 million selling electronic books. More than 110,000 titles in 20 languages are currently licenses from top publishers like Merriam-Webster, Oxford University Press, Larousse, Langenscheidt, PONS, and HarperCollins, directly or through partners. The focus is on the four areas of language knowledge, language learning, reading and writing AIDS, expand. The company grants also licenses for the underlying technology to partners such as Adobe and Sun Microsystems. The Award-winning products (including Comenius-edu-media label 2010) by Franklin are sold worldwide through eight subsidiaries, including 15 years from the Franklin Electronic Publishers (Germany) GmbH in Feldkirchen near Munich, and 49,000 retailers as well as online. His commitment in the area of school and studies underscores the manufacturer among other things by the alignment of the spelling competition “global SpellEvent”. This initiative launched in 2009 will be around the world the fun in learning a foreign language students and increased the motivation of teaching.

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