Coupons Marketing

In the western business by advertising BTL understand the technology to achieve results which uses less than persuasive methods than ATL. But at present in certain types of BTL advertising promotion of efficiency ahead of traditional advertising ATL. According to Russian classification, to divide BTL: – promotion of sales representatives (trade promotion); – promotion to consumers (consumer promotion); – direct marketing (direct marketing) – Special events (special events); – POS – materials (point of sale). Consider a classification based on the BTL advertising activities conducted in Saratov. Sales promotion of sales representatives – is the promotion, aimed at bringing the goods to the end user through intermediaries, so-called dealer network. The methods include: – Tenders Dealers (receiving various awards for the best result of sales) – Coupons for organizations (partial compensation value of the goods from the manufacturer) – Dealer Award (prize for the retailer to sell a specified quantity and type of goods).

Sales promotion among consumers – are the following types: – a gift for your purchase (Promotional campaign aimed at increasing the volume of sales – for example, TM "Pearl of the Crimea" held in Saratov action, under which, each buyer will receive a complimentary champagne flower – gerbera. And for the TM "Vkusnoteevo" every customer gets to choose from: a notepad, a pen or magnet) – Tasting (advertising campaign aimed at brand awareness and create a pleasant impressions about the product. In Saratov is: tasting sausage production of "Kampomos" drinks from TM "Rainbow – Bottlers') – the distribution of leaflets (promotions, designed to attract the attention of potential customers for new products and news. For example, alert residents Saratov on opening new stores furniture sale in the cabin "Shatura" to hold the exhibition of perfume) – competitions and lotteries (advertising campaign that draws attention to the brand new contacts. For all the country held a competition from the producer of cereals and mixes, "Baby": any buyer to collect 5 barcodes, and wrote a poem could get 100 000). Direct marketing – based on personal communication with consumers B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Buisness-To-Customer) with the aim of building relationships and profitability.

More often uses direct marketing mailing messages targeted to consumers through mail service, SMS, e-mail. For example, was organized by the Postal mailing of our new fitness club "FizKult" in Engels. Special events – contribute to the formation and maintenance of the image, provide a wide target audience, the flexibility of communications filed, but same time can not provide complete control over the use of information. In Saratov, a city of large-scale events held in the City Day. TM "The Volga spaces" for city residents organized a series of activities, including entertainment, wine products, contests and gifts. A similar festival was held in the city and Marx. POS – Materials – Specific material that promote the brand or product in field sales and product promotion. POS materials are used to attract additional attention and effective promotion of products. Most often portrayed on POS materials company logo and slogan. Our agency for of promotions using promoformu, individually manufactured and supplied by the customer. Currently, market specialists say that the division of BTL and ATL does not exist. And there is a new direction – the marketing mix (marketing mix) – a set of communication channels and means to influence an audience, allowing for the greatest effect on advertising costs. However, the term itself is a BTL, and within marketing mix professionals use it to determine the types of communication and analysis.

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