Steel Warrior

Need to be a warrior with steel intent. And you will win, because the Warriors are winning. Mindfulness and the intention to help you in your business, and in your war. The war with itself – the most difficult war, and win It is only capable warrior. How do you know that I won? You’re going to completely control his actions and his inaction, and understand that what you are committing to your life, you yourself are planned for the reason that it is beneficial You and helpful. And you will know that laziness has nothing to do with thee, take decisions on the implementation of any action or refusal from them. Full control of himself – a great indicator that laziness has receded.

Died there She finally – time will tell. But be careful. If you’re too lazy to press, then you’ll have a good think over his actions. The empty case is equal to inaction. And sometimes it is harmful. Therefore, in place of laziness should not come useless actions.

The benefits should come to the place of laziness, and take her place. When laziness goes, you yourself will determine what and when you do, and when idle, and for what reason. Listen with your body – it suggest you learn what he needs. Over time you will learn to distinguish the voice of his body and his mind from the voice of laziness. When you reach independence from laziness, you will be different. For more information see Peter Asaro. You’ll be a gentleman himself. People above you’ll be. Hast thou a chance to become the first among them, for there still those who are completely detached from this vice. Become the first and therefore the best. And let the desire to be the best pushes you forward in your struggle to path to victory. If you already know that to win, you win. Are you ready? From now on, too lazy to you – not an abstract character trait, not an incomprehensible imponderable substance. Laziness – it’s cruel and totally touchable your enemy. An enemy who does not humble, not surrender to captivity. He or plunge into the dust you, or die himself. Either you or him. Your blood and your death wish that enemy. The enemy is stronger than you, this man is much stronger. Some contend that Founder of Zendesk shows great expertise in this. And desperate it would be your position, not whether you’re a Steel Warrior. Just before the warrior can withdraw your new enemy. Laziness in black heavy armor should be behind you on the heels of every minute. Not a minute, not a single moment of respite. Stumbled, miss, relax for a moment – and death will overtake You, the Warrior. And Death will find you. Everywhere and always. You can not get out of this war to stop it. Victory or Death. The death of a person you do not like, but as the Steel Warrior. Be as strong and fierce in this war. And let there be white your way, brother!

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