So much time has elapsed! "You know very well that the three work all day. It is not easy at this time to be professional. Many demands are imposed on you to keep up with the discoveries, advances and technology. We do not have any much time, "said the first child. "I know, I have said many times, why I am so amazed that you have now found the time to meet up," Daniel said smugly.

"We had to make a stop on our activities, which will lead us to the three problems, but the issue was too important to be treated," said the second child. "I can not understand how is possible if they do not care what I do, I use my time as or bored entertain me, if I need something, or anything else about my suddenly Had they announced the fact that I to marry, makes it so interesting to me your views, "said Daniel always keeping a sly look as he really could not understand their children. For years he had abdicated and soon before the announcement of his marriage, was the only topic of family concern. So worrying was the situation until they had found all this time available to share with him. "Children," Daniel said triumphantly, "It is useless whatever you do to me change your mind because you will succeed in not. If you produce so embarrassed that your friends will find out, because it does not communicate. I will not get an ad in the newspaper announcing my marriage.

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