Energy Efficient Technologies

In April this year the Fund for Housing Reform published the results of the draft manual of modern Russian energy efficient buildings. These were a few houses Bashkir Tuimazy. During major repairs here have been insulated walls and installed meters. As a result of measures taken, the economy – consumption of heat energy was 36%. A similar experiment was carried out in Russia is not the first time, but it was during economic crisis, the results of such "experiments" demonstrate how big the savings potential in our country. "Today 20% of heat escapes through the walls, 30-40% – over the roofs and basements", – said Vitaly , Commercial Director Teplodom.

For example, in the Moscow suburb of Zelenograd only due to warming of facades of residential homes saved more than 12% of funds allocated for heating apartments. In this case, was technology was used hinged ventilated facades: the outer walls of the houses were attached special plates, retained heat in the cold and cool in the heat. Another 30% of heat loss can occur in the window. "In the framework of participation in program overhaul of dilapidated housing the old windows are replaced by new plastic with improved thermal insulation characteristics, – said Leo Minullin, deputy commercial director of the Group companies propleks, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window profile of Austrian technologies. – Customers can choose from standard 3-chamber system, and 5-chamber, designed for areas with harsh climatic conditions. " The authorities of many Russian regions have realized the need not simply replace individual elements of the building, and conducting a series of measures related to improving its energy efficiency whole.

In this case, according to the deputy governor of the Novgorod region for Housing and Utilities and the Environment of Alexander Kryuchkov, heating costs can be reduced by 35%. Before you begin to the "Energy Efficiency" repair, it is recommended to explore the building using a thermal imager. Thanks to infrared photography is easy to detect zones of greatest heat loss. Such research helps to reduce the cost of works: repair undergo only the portions of the building, where there is leakage of heat. However, the savings potential lies not only in the modernization of buildings, but also in monitoring the actions of public utilities. This is proved by experience Suzdal pensioner Evseeva Lydia, a former worker housing. She is committed to correct errors on charge of public services to pay for heating. Initially, the woman helping her neighbors and friends, then to her for help began to turn the whole organization. Due to the corrected calculations Suzdal schools and kindergartens save about 15 million rubles a year! This is the price of "random" errors. These examples should make think not only about how to control the utilities, but also the need to continue a program to optimize energy consumption. Anastasia Tuleneva Press Service Group PROPLEKS

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