DVS System Software

DVSERP the software for the product development, pricing, quoting, order processing, CRM and production planning for companies in the printing and packaging industry. On FachPack in Nuremberg by the 28.09 30.09.2010 DVS system software from Iserlohn DVSERP ERP software for product development, pricing, quoting, order processing, CRM and production planning for the printing and packaging industry companies with complex products and services presented. The software bundles all customer and contact details as well as all product and price data that arise or are necessary in the bid process. Ongoing sales projects can be easier to see. You can create meaningful evaluations for the marketing.

While the new CRM solution will be presented live DVS quick information center (DVSQIC). The software supports the sales processes and optimizes the supply management. Information from Microsoft Outlook can merge in the solution and can, for example by Be used for quoting sales representatives. Contacts, tasks, and appointments can be compared with mobile phones. At the heart of the trade fair the DVSPACK packaging design software is 2010 with the standards based on the professional associations (ECMA / FEFCO). New features (3D and 3D interactive) tool DVSPACK 2010 set new standards for the quotation process. DVS system software that brings a management of supply solution on the market, supporting in particular the sales processes and the quotations for the companies of the printing and packaging industry.

Also for the first time an Internet version is provided the software DVSPACK 2010 (dvspack4web). Thus no on-site installation is needed, and updates occur automatically. Through a simple billing system, each user has full control of costs. The user pays for the use and must not invest in more expensive software, which is subject to depreciation for tax rules wraps with liquidity. The rental and usage charges are now tax deductible as a business expense. The calculation of multipart products is a challenge to the calculator in particular displays. By the dimensions of the components there are not only a large amount of data, but the calculator requires many additional information. The parts may be required several times in a display, and also foreign parts such as metal hooks, flashing lights or motors. The container concept was to reduce substantial time to this, to eliminate error and quickly to create an offer,”developed by DVS system software. Information about the project, the amount, the material and many others queried already in the CAD system, where a connection to the ERP system supports the developer here, because the customer information and project data automatically from the system are taken after selection of the project. The user interface is user friendly and simple, so that the software can be operated intuitively. By DVSERP the process chain from the customer request is up to production supports. The core competencies lie in packaging development, calculation, quotation and order processing, CRM and work schedule. DVS system software is specialized in solutions for the printing and packaging industry. Gladly we will convince you of the benefits of our solutions and show FachPack you on the live our applications.

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