From ancient daven this strange phenomenon attracted the attention of many scientists. September 10, 1845 in France (Salanyake borough) on one of the kitchens there was a fiery bullet that seemed plila in the air. Among the chef was a young guy which women are invited to crush this "disgusting". But the youth are not rushed to comply with the request, and stood motionless. Meanwhile, the bullet rolled out into the yard, where roamed the pig, a pig wanted to sniff strange bullet for that paid with their lives. October 5, 1936 in England, the owner of one farm, watched as tense a bullet during a thunderstorm descended from the sky, cut the telephone wire, set fire to the window frame, and then disappeared into the tub with water.

Water immediately boil and continue boiling for another several minutes. When the water vystyla, farm owner was trying to find some remnants of a bullet, and found nothing. In 2001 (the city of Alchevsk) youth Stas witnessed remarkable phenomenon. One dark summer day (there was a thunderstorm!) Through an open window flew into a brilliant ball of fire with a diameter of 10 cm She calmly "floated" around the room and for a moment stood beside the picture, then crackled passed through it and disappeared. Painting has fallen, because together with a zipper, which has disappeared, vanished, and a nail, on which hung the picture. Explanation of contemporary scholars Thunderball is not always the form of bullets. Sometimes it happens pear-shaped or vytyanutoy.Razmery lightning from about 10 to 20 cm, but sometimes they are up to several meters. Color choices are dazzling white to orange-red.

Does not exclude gays and zelenkuvati shades. Time existence – from several seconds to several minut. zipper is lighter than air, because she "floats." scientists admit that the temperature of the bulb can be several million degrees! There are many evidence about the strange behavior of the bullet lightning, including the tragic incidents happen. But this amazing phenomenon of nature to our own time is one of the great mysteries!

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