Political Constitution

PART III – THE PEOPLE AND THE LAND CHAPTER I – NATIONALITY OF ARTICLE 96. Colombian nationals are: 1. By birth: a) The natives of Colombia, one of two conditions: that the father or natural mother has been Colombian nationals or that children of foreigners, either parent is domiciled in the Republic at the time of birth and b) tThe parent children of Colombians who were born in a foreign land and fire is domiciled in Colombia or recorded on a consular office of the republic. 2. For adoption: a) Foreigners who apply for and obtain naturalizaci6n letter, according to the law, which define the cases in which Colombian nationality is lost by adoption; b) The Latin American and Caribbean-born resident in Colombia, with permission of the Government and in accordance with the law and the principle of reciprocity, request to be registered as Colombians to the municipality where they reside, and c) Members of indigenous peoples who share itorios terr border with the principle of reciprocity according to public treaties. No Colombian by birth may be deprived of his nationality. The quality of the Colombian national is not lost by the fact of acquiring another nationality.

The national adopci6n not be obliged to renounce their nationality of origin or adoption. Those who have renounced the Colombian nationality may recover under the law. (Article amended by Legislative Act 1 / 2002) _ Article 97. The Colombian, but has renounced the national quality and acting against the interests of the country in foreign war against Colombia, will be tried and punished as a traitor.

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