Ecological Conscience

My god what they are making with world, is the moment of reflects and thinks will be that everything this and really necessary? The Greed, the lack of Conscience and the disrespect come finishing and shaking the Structures of the land, as we can dream of a future if nor the least we take care of of the gift! The nature comes if rebelling against us we are being without our well biggest one, the lack of Ecological Conscience complicates the situation still more. HOW WE CAN CHANGE THIS? If nape of the neck we are satisfied with nothing, if we have much we complain, if we have little we complain! The man is not capable nor of supplied its Proper necessity ' ' Who we gave to the strap right life ' ' ' ' Who in gave the right to them to destroy the plant ' ' Lack Conscience of all! In how much we did not have conscience not Avera a solution (jhow).

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