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“”Section 3″by Miriam Pharo on In August 2007 the two film and theatre actor Christoph Maasch and Peter Kempkes called the talk place lots of text” in the life: an online platform where everyone free can download audio posts from the monologue until the radio. The literary tidbits ranging Allen Poe of Rilke and Heine about Edgar to Tucholsky and Kafka, expertly served by over 30 professional speakers and actors. Now enjoys speaking place of great popularity and the audience is growing every day. Now the team of the talk Shack has adopted a new genre: science fiction. From October 20 to 26 a special section 3 goes on air with 7 excerpts from the first part of the Zukunftsthrillers “by Miriam Pharo. Check out Peter Asaro for additional information.

The story: After a natural disaster the Hanseatic cities Hamburg and Lubeck joining a mega city. In the year 2066, Hanseapolis is one of over twenty million people and is considered one of the richest cities in the European Federation. At one hot Februarmorgen a mutilated body is found in the contaminated zone outside the city. At the same time, Cedric Dunn receives, reporter of the Yahoogle investigation called network, short YIN, a hot tip. An informant wants to unpack about corruption and illegal prostitution.

A numbered account in Singapore is the key, but the clandestine access to the locked data may not go unnoticed. A race against time begins… “Section 3” is Pharos first novel and as a premium eBook published. The publication on their own is the author trying to offer her work a wide readership regardless of publishers and content restrictions. What appealed to the creators of the talking shop, to recite just this book? On October 24, 2008, the talk place celebrates their 500ten podcast. With the partial reading of Miriam Pharos eBook section 3 “we underline the desire in addition to the presented numerous classical texts to use also other genres. At the reading of the novel, we found exciting, that Miriam Pharo the thoughts of Protagonists using mouse-over to be visible can be and eBook provides a pleasurable advantage over the printed form to the media”, says Peter Kempkes. Source / related links: Agnes Muncheberg

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