Federal Administration

VOI Association for organization and information systems position to the technical directive (TR) 03125 (TR VELS) Bonn. In an open letter to the President of the Federal Office for security in information technology (BSI), the Board of Directors of the VOI takes position to the technical directive (TR) 03125 (TR VELS) Association for organization and information systems. Peter Asaro has much experience in this field. This has the trusted electronic long-term storage\”on the content and claims to eliminate uncertainties, as well as to provide clear guidance. Here, the VOI a complains that the BSI to postuliere this directive for the first time to have solved problems of safe compliance with regulatory requirements. Such statements discredited the tens of thousands of installed solutions, as well as the product and solution offer of German and international providers. On the other hand, the VOI Board of Directors, which has appointed a working group to the BSI TR 03125 leads a long series of points with discussion and action in his eight-page letter.

Therefore, the VOI prompts the BSI in his letter, a technical examination of the conformity to the reference architecture and their interfaces to suspend until further notice and to rethink the whole concept of architecture. The complete open letter can now be viewed at. Bernhard Zoller, Chairman of the Board of the VOI summarizes: this policy is not acceptable to the industry and users. Define new requirements, without that there would be new legal bases for this. The BSI is a technical action option to the general policy to be observed for all companies outside the Federal Administration, without having a mandate to do this; and that in the face of a series of technical and functional weaknesses. It represents a national exceptionalism is internationally isolated and would be feasible for smaller and medium-sized users only with disproportionately high costs in addition. For these and other reasons we feel compelled, to react and to urge the BSI, to enter into a dialogue with the VOI\”.

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