Home Insurance in Turkey

Turkish law also provides for compulsory home insurance in the event of an earthquake. The cost of living – the level of prices for food, household goods in Turkey about the same as in Russia. The cost of fruits and vegetables is much cheaper. Payment for services management company, depends on the volume of services provided by the company. Tax on building: 0.2% of the value of the object.

Municipality reassesses the value of the property every 5 years. Insurance object the size of insurance coverage depends on the object you have chosen insurance claims and insurance premiums. The tax on garbage collection, is 25 a year. Electricity- (For individuals) the cost of 1kW is 0,11 , with the consumption of electricity and 150 kWh (monthly consumption rate). At a flow rate greater than 150 kW per month, the cost of 1kW is 0,17 . Water (for individuals) the cost of water 1kub.metra is 0,31 at the rate of up to 20kub.metrov (monthly consumption rate) and 0,47 at the rate of 21 to 40kub.metrov (monthly consumption rate).

The subscription fee for water is 8,75 per month. Please note that given current rates, that may change. Average annual income from rental housing will be from 4% to 7% of the cost of housing. This is the normal income from rental housing in the coastal regions of Turkey, of course, if you bought a good property. Please note that the rental market in Turkey is subject to seasonal fluctuations, the cost of rent increases during the tourist season: May to October and decreases during the winter.

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