Working On Tomorrow

Bill Gates once traded a reliable legal profession (his father owned one of the most successful law firms in Washington, DC) on the unknown world 70-ies, specialty programming. And until now considered one of its most important success in life is that he failed to foresee the coming computer revolution and advance to prepare for it. Today's high school graduates to get 'in the bull's-eye', to exercise such foresight is not required. And global trends, and the course of Russia on the modernization and innovation loud hint: in the next 10-15 years will be particularly relevant experts in the field of high technologies, technical creativity and science. It is a pity that these clues, few listens. 'Most of the students and their parents in choosing a profession based on the fact that demand today. Although much wiser to look 5-10 years ahead – says Vera Anistsyna, Head of recruiting personnel center 'UNITY'.

– The labor market is changing very quickly, and often once-popular specialty a few years will not cause the interest of employers. But despite this, every year we see the same pattern: high-school graduates are choosing the standard profession. In many ways this is happening at the behest of parents who want to make children the representatives of those professions that were popular during the youth older generation. Doctors, lawyers and economists. On biotechnology, logistics and internet marketer and not a speech.

" Of course, competent and experienced doctors, lawyers, economists, as well as journalists, managers and financiers will find work always. But the salary they will always be lower than the more popular and so scarce specialists in the sphere of high technologies. And the risk of staying on the street in the traditional professions of young professionals will always be higher than For example, a specialist in the field of nano-and aerospace technology. Statistics showed the crisis: the lion's share of unemployed graduates are economists, financiers, lawyers, etc. And it is very important to obtain high expertise in promising areas in advance. And then to not be retrained, and that cherished place not occupied by someone else. And it is quite likely. Innovation Center Skolkovo, for example, relies on highly skilled foreign workers: their are not. The State Duma has passed a law that facilitates their employment in the Russian Federation. Determine how high the qualification of an alien would be the size of his annual salary, he should not be less than 2 million rubles., or about $ 5.6 thousand per month. Validity of work permits will be increased from one year to three years, respectively, and increase the duration of the work visa. In this work permit foreigners will be to extend the times. That is the best place to Skolkovo when our applicants will already firmly occupied by foreigners. Not to be an outsider, the experts of the labor market are advised to study ratings of the most popular professions of the future. One of these ratings at the beginning of this year was the British Government in conjunction with research company Fast Future Research. Ten of the twenty occupations, he entered, associated with nanotechnology and the development of the Internet. A Russian version of Forbes, in the future will demand GR-managers (specialists in relations with state agencies), experts in alternative energy and dealer for Business in Africa (the region begins to grow rapidly). Help According to unity, the five most popular specialties among university entrants in 2010, includes law, economics and management, international relations, management, economics. "The Russian business newspaper ( 17 (750), 2010)

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