Resource Development Company

This trend continues. So according to the portal on these topics have 7-9% of all proposals. But the amount stated on the proposals on topics in Finance and audit "," Marketing "- 75, 56, respectively. Popular, and training on logistics. Thus, there is great interest in the so-called "Hard" skills. Of course, like everything new, high interest in developing the theme "Emotional competence ". True, the proposal for it yet isolated. I think over time offers "catch up" training on this topic has become one of the most visited.

Will increase interest in subjects such as "Confidence", "Influence" "Stress" and, of course, the theme of "Creativity", which is now in favor. Apparently, the lack of new business ideas, fresh solutions. Because of specialization emerged, and such a narrow segmentation program as "Merchandising in pharmacy "," Management store manager, "Management of the restaurant," "Master of Retail." Among the so-called specialized programs have training courses for secretaries, staff call centers, insurance agents, etc. A variety of strikes and causes stand out. Therefore, almost every self-respecting company is called exclusive training. These include the program authors, topics that have not yet become so popular, for example, "Information Revolution" (Information management), "Corporate Event – Resource Development Company; abroad program, which has been certified domestic coaches and" exotic "themes, like" All About Dreams, "Training intuitive thinking in business. " Has already started and I think that will increase the tendency to "layering" profession trainer. What does this mean? As demands for quality training grow, and even more rapidly growing Information saturation of the market, it is difficult one, but a short time to create something meaningful.

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