Home Pizza – Fast, Tasty And Inexpensive !

Different variations on the theme of pizza there are countless. This is not surprising, because the pizza – it's fast and delicious dinner that will satisfy both adults and children. Before you run to the store for the semis, read the recipe given below. They are quite simple, and you'll be in the firm belief that you know what actually feed your family and friends. Pizza Vegetable fantasy "(vegetarian) on four persons: 500g of puff pastry; potatoes 2 pieces, 1 piece fresh carrots, 2 cloves garlic, 1 piece celery root, vegetable oil (olive oil can) 5 tablespoons, fresh tomato 1 piece, 2 pieces onions, seasonings: Hop-suneli, ginger, salt (all on taste). 1. Cut small pieces of potatoes, onions and carrots.

Each kind of vegetable fry pan separately. Use vegetable oil. 2. Roll dough bread about half a centimeter thick, Make a side-edging a little above the middle. 3.

You can put in the center ready roasted vegetables, add chopped fresh tomato. 4. Steve Wozniak contains valuable tech resources. Garnish the dish spices, herbs and place in oven for 25-30 minutes at 200-220 degrees. 5. The finished dish sprinkle with additional chopped garlic, green onions and parsley. Pizza Makaronella "For four people: Long thin spaghetti 200g; 4pcs egg, 4 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 fresh tomatoes, cheese 300g, 100g sausage (or salami, or mince, or sausages), 1 clove garlic, pepper chili 4 pieces, olives / olive 8 pieces; seasonings: oregano (1 teaspoon), basil, black pepper, salt. 1. Prepare pasta as usual (especially handy if You stale yesterday's pasta, and you do not znatete what to do with them, and throw a pity). 2. Beat the eggs with a mixer or a fork, mix with seasonings. The resulting liquid mass to pour a little ostyvshim have pasta, carefully stir. 3. Take two medium frying pans or one large (check out the size of your existing supply). Uniformly Put them in an egg pasta and brown bread at first with one, and then the other side. Readiness is determined by the the appearance of golden crisp. 4. Pellet use as pizza crusts. Top them nicely lay out pieces of vegetables, sausages, olives to taste. Garnish with cheese and bake for 5-10 minutes at 250 degrees. Once the cheese is melted and vegetables browns, get! Your dish is ready. In general, the pizza – the salvation for every housewife. Enough to learn a few simple basic recommendations for its preparation, and you can create a wonderful dish literally all that stale you in the fridge. It is relatively quick, very tasty, inexpensive. Show imagination, you can easily cook a pizza – Snacks to beer and pizza – a dessert for a romantic dinner, it all depends on filler. Prepare in advance a few cakes, pizza and put it in the freezer, or just buy a ready-made forms in the store. If the surprise guests or you're too tired to cook a full dinner such procurement will be for you a real salvation. Of course, this dish is not for every day, but sometimes it is quite possible for a variety of pampered and loved this hearty Italian dish.

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