Paint Metal Technology

More recently, the idea of painting the metal surfaces with a water-dispersion paints seemed utopian. The most common of the metals – iron rapidly oxidizes in the presence of water, and then water-emulsion paint. Conventional water-dispersion paints, of course, are not suitable for this purpose. In this case, need specialized materials that form a dense protective coating, have corrosion protection and have good adhesion to metal. All these problems, scientists were able to solve immediately.

Currently in Europe it came to that water-dispersion paints were used in difficult areas such as automotive, and shipbuilding. We do let's not run that far, but consider the possibility of painting the metal surfaces in the building. Let's start with the most complex – of the roof. Metal roofs can be divided into Three groups of materials used: * The first – black iron. * Second – galvanized iron. * The third – non-ferrous metals: aluminum, its alloys, copper, etc. The third group is extremely rare because of high costs, therefore consider it not worth it.

The first and second – much more affordable and widespread, although much more expensive than slate. With a black iron all clear, it must necessarily paint. Typically, for these purposes in Russia in the old used oil and alkyd paints. Those who love to paint often can do so in the future. For 'lazy' may be advisable acrylic water dispersion coatings for roofs with an anticorrosive effect. Such coverage will cost you slightly more expensive than oil or alkyd paint, but will last much longer. Apart from the fact that the acrylic coating is more durable in weather conditions, it still has a high and constant elasticity of aging. In the case of metals it is very important because they have large linear expansion due to temperature fluctuations. In the oil and alkyd paints elasticity less than acrylic, but they also lose it in the process of aging.

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